What could you expect?

Lessons are aimed at a pupil's need: to read written notation and play it confidently, perhaps learn how to compose, to pass Grade 5 theory, to play by ear, to accompany other instruments, to interpret and embellish chords, or to improve the aural component of an examination. Some people can already play one instrument proficiently and wish to learn the piano too. Pupils may be absolute beginners, or may have tried and given up over forty years ago and now wish to have another go, or indeed may be at an excellent standard already. John's current pupils are a wide mixture of ages and abilities, with some studying to pass exams, whilst others learn purely for pleasure and recreation. John seeks to discover a person's musical potential and then to help them explore it.

Come for weekly lessons or for only a short time in order to achieve a specific goal. It is possible to come at the same time each week or to arrange different lesson times if you are a shift worker etc. Various times are available from 10.00am until 9.00pm. Gift vouchers can be purchased for friends and family - these make excellent and unusual presents for perhaps a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas or Retirement.

Lessons occur throughout the year. Most people find that a weekly 30 minute lesson coupled with regular practice at home helps them to learn at a good pace.

Please contact John for details of times when he is available to teach you.

Pupil of the Week

As a way of celebrating the excellent work that pupils undertake, every week John decides who is the Pupil of the Week. It's not an easy decision to make! One week the recipient may win by making a small yet important improvement. Sometimes a person may have practised a piece really well and within a week of starting it, made it sound GREAT!

Sometimes it will be more than one person. Here are some of the latest winners:

11/09/17: James Ford is making Arrow sound tense and exciting.

04/09/17: Sofija Trušele played Pirates of the Caribbean in a most exciting way.

28/08/17: Rachel Colledge played a number of scales in creative ways.

21/08/17: Stacey Brown improved the phrasing to Für Elise.

14/08/17: Matt Jones is managing Pachelbel’s Canon with his RH.

07/08/17: Yejin Lee is getting to grips with Summer very nicely.

31/07/17: Ben Plummer played a good selection of scales with confidence.

24/07/17: Harry White gave an excellent rendering of Chicago’s Hard habit to break.

17/07/17: Congratulations to the following for excellent recent Theory Examinations results: Alicia Charlton (Grade 5 – Distinction) and Josh Lamb (Grade 5 – Distinction). Recent Keyboard Examinations: James Ford (Grade 4 - Distinction), Katy Lynch (Grade 3 – Merit) and Sofija Trušele (Grade 1 – High Merit).


Pupils of the Week: 2015 onwards

Pupils of the Week: 2010 - 2014

Pupils of the Week: 2005 - 2009

Below you will see a few pupils who were caught on camera with their exam certificates:

Harry who passed his Grade 5 Theory Exam with distinction in June 2014.

Grace who passed her Grade 8 Piano Exam with ease in March 2014.

Calum who easily passed his Grade 6 Keyboard Exam in March 2014.

James who passed his Grade 1 Keyboard Exam with distinction in March 2014.

Gill and Alicia who both gained distinctions in their Grade 1 Piano exams in March 2014.

Laura who passed her Grade 5 Piano exam with distinction in December 2013.

Maisie who passed her Grade 1 Piano exam with distinction in December 2013

Millie who passed her Grade 2 Keyboard exam with distinction in July 2013.

Chris and Laura who passed their Grade 5 Theory exams with distinction in June 2013.

             Jade who passed her Grade 8 Piano exam with distinction in July 2012.

Useful Information

Parents are expected to attend the lesson with a child.

If you need to cancel or rearrange on the day of the scheduled lesson, please use John's mobile number.

Lessons generally begin and end on time. It's useful to wait in your car if you're early.

Most people bring slippers to wear during the lesson. Socks are fine too!

After pupils have attended lessons for a few weeks, fees are then payable four weekly in advance. Please give at least 48 hours notice if cancelling a lesson in order to receive a credit for that missed lesson.

If cancelling with less than 48 hours notice, John will always try to rearrange the lesson for an alternate time in that week. If this is not possible, that lesson fee will be forfeited.

If you intend to be absent for three or more consecutive lessons, a retainer fee equal to 33% of the value of the missed lessons will be charged in order to secure your lesson time.

If you wish to pay via a Bank Transfer or set up a time-saving Standing Order, John's sort code and account number will be provided.

If a pupil regularly pays late, John reserves the right to charge an additional fee or terminate the lessons.

Examination fees are due by the date requested, otherwise entry will not be made.

Any fees paid are non-refundable.